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Juan Manuel Baraona: “The Expenses”

Our tax expert comments on the conflict between taxpayers and authorities because of discrepancies in the criterion applied to the necessary and indispensable expenses.

Alex Fischer at La Segunda newspaper: Taxes to compensate the Companies withdrawal

He suggests that a new amnesty to repatriate capitals from abroad could be offered.

Roadmap for the Financial Market Commission

Max Spiess articulates at El Mercurio Investments the opportunities and challenges of the new entity.

Carolina Collantes: Leading Women according to Chambers & Partners

Our tax expert is one of the 10 Chilean lawyers recognized for promoting the professional development of women in the legal sphere.

2018 Tax Operation: Boris León tells about the management of the new process´s obstacles

El Mercurio newspaper shows how the major audit teams have solved the complexities of the new system.

Lithium Exploitation in Chile: Newsletter I

The rise of lithium as a source of unconventional renewable energy has made Chile a major player, since it has more than 50% of the reserves worldwide.

Francisca Villamán writes about Taxation of the Business Account Contract

The attorney published the study at the Law Magazine of the University of Concepción.

Antitrust Court and Gas Market: María Elina Cruz warns overreaching

Our Antitrust expert warns about the severity of the Court’s sentence and explains the reasons.

Taxation and Investments abroad: IRS aligns criteria with FMC (spanish)

It finally confirms that relatives will not be considered to determine the control of investments abroad.

Marta Arias explains at Pulso newspaper the new Consumer´s law

The expert explains how the case of Airline Law would have been addressed.

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