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Attributions of the New National Consumers Service: María Elina Cruz at Concierto radiostation

Our attorney criticizes the new format, where consumers are less protected.

External indebtedness and taxes

Juan Manuel Baraona tells about the tributes payed when financing credits with foreign banks.

Francisca Villamán: The historical debt towards tax principles

Our lawyer exposes the deficiencies that Chilean tax laws historically have had, considered in the light taxation higher principles, which should guide the legislator to provide legal certainty for transactions between persons.

Tax Reform Analysis in Radio Duna

Juan Manuel Baraona commented the next step in tax matters.

María Elina Cruz debates regarding the effectiveness of leniency policy

At La Tercera newspaper, our Antitrust expert explains why this tool if not being used correctly, avoiding future discoveries of collusion.

Federico Rodríguez: Regulation of the Salmon Industry

Our expert in Natural Resources highlights in Pulso newspaper the need for an effective policy for the relocation of concessions.

María Elina Cruz comments at Duna radiostation about the possible consequences of the improper use of the leniency policy

At the program Off the Record explains the how the bad handle of the laboratories collusion case could end with the unfair competition confessions.

María Elina Cruz explains the consequences of the last collusion case at the TV program Economic Agenda, CNN Chile

Our expert answers Nicolás Paut questions about the implications of the Antitrust Court failure

Leniency Policy: María Elina Cruz debates on television, radio and press

Following the intervention of the Public Ministry and the State Defense Council in the case of laboratories collusion, the antitrust expert explains the reasons why this tool would be failing.

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