Energy Newsletter: Senate passed Bill that expands the Net Billing rule application

The Senate approved a bill that modifies the Net Billing standard, expanding its application not only to individual users but also incorporating groups, associations and communities. Contributing to the democratization of power generation in Chile.
By Federico Rodríguez and Catalina Franco

Alex Fischer and Josefina Rochette In Latin Lawyer: About the Chilean Tax Reform

Chilean president Sebastián Piñera’s tax reform will simplify the tax system and promote investment, say tax head Alex Fischer and associate Josefina Rochette from local firm Baraona Fischer Spiess, which known for its solid tax offering.

MGX Minerals acquires CLS and introduces new lithium extraction technology

The ecological footprint of this technology is very small because it allows to recycle water and, in general, make a less polluting extraction process

Juan Manuel Baraona promotes the reform´s idea of a unique tax system

Our partner warns that the regime punishes more those who are in the lower reaches of the Global Complementary. “That is tremendously regressive,” he says, defending the reintegration.

Marta Arias comments on Consumer’s Rights

Our senior associate analyzes at Pulso newspaper the possible implications of the new Law that reforms the National Consumers Service, adding attributions such as the Collective Voluntary Procedures.

Juan Manuel Baraona interviewed by La Segunda

A month ago, he again came out at the top of the Chambers ranking as the best tax lawyer in the plaza. But it is not news for Juan Manuel Baraona. He has been leading the prestigious list of tax lawyers for at least a decade.

Juan Manuel Baraona praises an integrated tax system

In his opinion article, our partner comments on the differences between the actual and proposed tax systems.

Alfonso Ugarte answers the LexLatin Questionnaire

Alfonso Ugarte is the new business partner of Baraona Fischer Spiess. After a season as an internal lawyer, he returns to a firm that bets on the experience of the specialist in the financial area.

Lex Latin interviews Alfonso Ugarte

The Latinamerican digital magazine highlights the arrival of our new partner: Former Chilean Fund Counsel joins Baraona Fischer Spiess

Baraona Fischer Spiess strengthens its Business Practice

Alfonso Ugarte joined our Firm today, as a partner of the Business practice. Attorney of the Pontificia Universidad Católica and LL.M of the University of Chicago.