On July 18th, the Tax Policy Coordinator of the Ministry of Finance, Manuel Alcalde, headed the seminar ” Modernization and Tax Reform, Looking at the Future”, organized by the Chilean Chamber of Construction. At the event, the tax lawyer said that the proposal is an integral part of a project that seeks to boost growth, investment and employment, and that its focus is to simplify the processes and generate greater legal certainty.

As well, Macarena Navarrete and Juan Manuel Baraona where invited to comment the proposals and share with the audience different aspects about the project,. Both valued the approach of the proposal as it should achieve tax modernization and support the need to reintegrate the tax system.

To learn more about the seminar, read the press release of Pauta:  https://www.pauta.cl/economia/impuesto-inversiones-regiones-tiene-objetivo-mayor-inversion