On November 20th, our partner Alex Fischer participated as a panelist in the seminar “New Tax Scenario in Chile”, whose objective was to analyze the impact it will have on investments, in the financial market in general and how it will affect the real estate sectors, investment funds and other businesses. The activity was organized by the financial advisory company and multifamily office Addwise and summoned financial experts, tax judges and businessmen.

Alex Fischer commented that “in the capital markets matter, the Protocol of Agreement between the Government and senators of the Treasury commission clearly denotes the intention to maintain, with greater restrictions, the regime of private investment funds and the exemption to profit of capital in the sale of shares with stock market presence. On the other hand, the commitment to review exemption regimes does not extend to matters such as the previous ones and which were subject to discussion and agreement therein ”.

Rodrigo Benítez, partner of Tax & Legal BDO, Luis Alfonso Pérez, judge of the First Tax and Customs Court of the Metropolitan Region, Ricardo Morales, executive president of HMC Capital, and Humberto Jorquera, managing partner of Addwise were also part of the expert panel who debated on these matters.

To read the media article about the event, click here:https://www.corporateit.cl/index.php/2019/11/21/expertos-analizaron-los-principales-ejes-y-desafios-de-la-nueva-reforma-tributaria/