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Dic 13, 2017Featured, Financing and Capital Markets

Raúl Marshall, partner of Baraona Marshall & Cia. who led the advisory to Itaú Corbanca, commented that the structuring of the long-term corporate financing granted to Global Vía Infraestructuras Chile S.A. was set up for an amount of UF 4,500,000. The objective was the acquisition, by itself or jointly with «Globalvia Chile SpA», of 100% of the shares issued by «Acciona Concesiones Concesiones Ruta Ruta Ciento Sesenta SA», the holding company of the public works concession called «Ruta Ciento Sesenta , Tres Pinos-Acceso Norte to Coronel» section, and a series of loans and financial derivatives owed by said concessionaire. «Our advice included the negotiation, development and implementation of the financing contract and the guarantees » said the attorney.

Raúl Marshall leaded the operation with Rodolfo Vega and Jeanne Marie Miquel.

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