Juan Manuel Baraona stands for Integration

Jun 4, 2019Press, Tax Advisory and Litigation

The deputy and President of Renovación Nacional political party, Mario Desbordes, suggested moving forward with the Tax Modernization project without including the integration of the system, given that this point is being the top stone at the Parliament.

This has raised the voices of the Government and experts in the field. Among them, our partner Juan Manuel Baraona: «The initiative was brought precisely to repair a situation that does not hold up over time because it doesn´t support the country´s development. Today, for those who are in the attributed regime, it obliges them to pay annually on the same utility of the company and brings them tax burdens that had not been foreseen, insofar as they try to invest with their own resources. For those in the semi-integrated system, they are taxed at an excess rate of 9.45 points of final tax at any level of income, except for foreign investors from countries with a treaty. And what is proposed? A supposed regression from which empirical evidence has not been given. If the integration is not approved, we will have to live with an anti-development tax system as a consequence of the lack of capacity to understand the deficiencies of the current one. Everything else in the project is fine, but also, complementary. If it doesn´t include integration, it’s not worth it, «said Juan Manuel Baraona.

Original Article: La Segunda
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