Natural Resources team achieves important solar project

May 14, 2019Energy, Mining and Natural Resources

The Natural Resources team, headed by Federico Rodríguez, provided advice to the AD Capital Private Investment Fund Tralka Energías Renovables for the purchase of 18 solar generation plants and worked in conjunction with Raúl Marshall team for financing.
In September 2018, the first stage was completed, with the purchase of 10 solar photovoltaic plants (PMGD) to Sybac Solar Systems Chile SpA, for a total of 34 MW, all with a direct connection to the distribution network and with a system of stabilized prices.
Baraona Marshall & Cía. had an important role considering the complete advisory provided, from an early stage, leading the implementation of a specific business structure, the due diligence and the subsequent acquisition of each of the projects, once they were fully operational.
At the moment, the team is in the process of purchasing plants from Greenergy. «It is important to mention that our client will be able to achieve a production of almost 100 MW in less than two years, due to the contractual structure designed and regulation for distributed energy projects (PMGD) that gives stability to the prices of energy. However, today the stabilized price regime for PMGD is intended to be changed and the PMGD industry may be in danger as the certainty of the income they will receive could be lost; affecting an industry that has brought greater diversity to the energy matrix, with smaller-scale, renovation projects and less environmental and social effects, «says Federico Rodríguez, partner and leader of the Natural Resources practice area of Baraona Marshall & Cia.
The Natural Resources team participating in​ this operation includes​ Federico Rodríguez, Catalina Franco and Santiago Aninat; and in the Capital Financing team: Raúl Marshall, Rodolfo Vega and Catalina Wastavino.

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